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Timezone Issues when working with dates in SharePoint’s REST services

I was working on a SharePoint vacation planner¬† that would show employees down the left side of the page and Dates accross the top. The Sharepoint calendar does not provide such a format (as far as I know) so I … Continue reading

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Using SPPersistedObjects to store custom SharePoint Configuration Settings

SharePoint Applications can store configuration information in a many places (PropertyBags, lists, PersitedObjects, web.config ). PropertyBags and Lists are both stored in the Content Database, so when you copy your production environment down to QA environment, these settings come with … Continue reading

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Turning SharePoint ListColumns into SiteColumns using CSOM

I had a Library with various columns defined at the list level and did not use site content types. I needed to begin using site content types to better manage the data in the library.¬†¬† I needed a way to … Continue reading

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