AngularJS displaying ng-grid group information inside the grid as in a treeGrid

I had a need to group information in an ng-grid by more than one column (cname, maturity, Buy/Sell and Price), and to display summary data for each group within the grid(not in the ‘label’ format that ng-grid normally uses for aggregate information).

The data coming from my back-end (after my transformResponse) was an array of items that looked like this:

“identid”: “100001”,
“cname”: “BA”,

“maturity”: “2014-11-05T05:00:00Z”,

“bs”: “B”,

“price”: “121.19”,

“lots”: 1,

“buylots”: 1,

“selllots”: 0


So, in order to aggregate by those multiple fields, i first needed to create a computed field to group by , and then sort the array by that field(in this case using underscore):

_.each(tradelist, function(trade) {
trade.groupCol = trade.cname + trade.maturity + + trade.price;

$scope.griddata =_.sortBy(tradelist, function(row) {
return row.groupCol;

Then I set my gridoptions to group by the newly created groupCol, but not show it:

data: griddata
showFilter: false,
width: ‘572px’,
showGroupPanel: false,
groups: [‘groupCol’],
enableRowSelection: true,
multiSelect: false,
showSelectionCheckbox: true,
columnDefs: [
{ field: ‘groupCol’, visible: false },
{ field: ‘cname’, displayName: ‘Contract’, width: ‘150px’ },
{ field: ‘maturity’, displayName: ‘Maturity’, width: ‘112px’, cellFilter: ‘date:\’dd-MMM-yy\” },
{ field: ‘bs’, displayName: ‘B/S’, width: ’50px’ },
{ field: ‘price’, displayName: ‘Price’, width: ‘100px’ },
{ field: ‘identid’, displayName: ‘Trades’, width: ‘100px’ },
{ field: ‘lots’, displayName: ‘Lots’, width: ’60px’ }


Now the grid was grouping by my combined column, but was displaying the aggregate info in the standard ng-grid format( just a <span> tahg) , not in the grid. What I needed was to display the group information within  the grid, displaying the total of all Lots in the Lots columns and a count of the trades in the trade column.

I first created the function to aggregate the Lots:

$scope.aggregateLots = function(row) {

var lots = 0;

angular.forEach(row.children, function(subrow) {

lots += subrow.entity.lots;


return lots;


Then I changed the gridOptions.aggregateTemplate to display the data from the first row for each of the grouped columns, and summary data for the Lots and Trade columns:

“<div ng-click=\”debugger;customExpand(row,gridId)\” ng-style=\”rowStyle(row)\” class=\”ngAggregate\”>\r” +

“\n” +
“<div class=’ngCell col3 col3t’><div class=’ngCellText col3 col3t’>{{row.children[0].entity.cname}}</div></div>\r\n” +

“<div class=’ngCell col4 col4t’><div class=’ngCellText col4 col4t’>{{row.children[0].entity.maturity | date:\’dd-MMM-yy\’ }}</div></div>\r\n” +

“<div class=’ngCell col5 col5t’><div class=’ngCellText col5 col5t’>{{row.children[0]}}</div></div>\r\n” +

“<div class=’ngCell col6 col6t’><div class=’ngCellText col6 col6t’>{{row.children[0].entity.price}}</div></div>\r\n” +

“<div class=’ngCell col7 col7t’><div class=’ngCellText col7 col7t’>{{row.totalChildren()}}</div></div>\r\n” +

“<div class=’ngCell col8 col8t’><div class=’ngCellText col8 col8t’>{{aggregateLots(row)}}</div></div>\r\n” +

“\n” +

“<div class=\”{{row.aggClass()}}\”></div>\r” +
“\n” +
“</div>\r” +

The aggregateTemplate  displays the summary data using the same classes as the detailed rows so that the summary data appears as if it were in the grid:


A working version with complete code can be found at

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