An AngularJS directive for SharePoint Lookup Columns

Recently I’ve been researching how I can use AngularJS in my SharePoint 2010 environment. Specifically I’ve been working on using the Angular UI-Grid to edit SharePoint lists. I was able to edit most of the columns of  a standard Task list without too much effort, but the ‘Predecessors’ column which is a Lookup column that allows multiple selections was troublesome. I ended up needing to create an AngularJS directive that allows me to work with SharePoint lookup columns (which I am documenting here).  Having gone through that exercise, I’m now envisioning directives to work with all the different column types(sp-lookup, spdate,sp-choice…), directives that display SharePoint views and forms(sp-view,spform,sp-nav), etc.  These directives could even be driven off of the site metadata.

The file spLookup.js defines a module that contains my ‘spLookup directive and a supportingspFieldsDataService Service (spLookup.js can be downloaded from my onedrive here).

The directive is designed to render a Lookup column from a list that was retrieved by calling listdata.svc. If the lookup is a multi-select, you must expand the lookup column when you make your original rest call  to listdata.svc (otherwise the spLookup directive would need to go get the values of the lookup column for each row rendered).It does not work with CSOM. I haven’t tested yet using the SharePoint 2013 _Api endpoint, but it should work.

Here’s how it’s used:










The controlMode attribute states whether the control should display in edit, new, or display mode, like it does on the server side. In display mode, the control will just display the values(s) of the lookupField. In edit or new mode the control will display a select control.

The ng-Model attribute names a field on the scope to bind to.

The multiple attribute, if present, allows the user to select multiple values.

The lookupListUrl attribute is the url of the list that is used to display the select box (I also need to add an alternative attribute ‘lookupList’ which could be used if you already have the lookup list in your model, or maybe you want to narrow down the selections).

The lookupField attribute is the name of the field to display in the select control.

The modelField attribute is the name of the field to store in the model for item(s) that are selected. (I should probably just default this to ‘Id’)

The loadAll attribute states whether the sp-lookup control should load all values from the lookupListUrl when it is initialized. If you have no intention of editing any list items, and therefor will not need to render a select control, you can set this to false (I should probably just default this to true!).

To see the control in action create a standard Task list on one of your sites, and add a few tasks to it. Be sure to add a few Predecessors and an Assigned To to each task .In Sharepoint OnLine/Sharepoint 2013  you may need to click the Show more link at the botom of the  form to see the Predecessors column. Also In Sharepoint OnLine/Sharepoint 2013  change the Assigned To column to not Allow multiple selections for this demo.

Upload spLookup.js, spLookupDemo.js,  and spLookupDemo.html into your Site Assets library from here. Also Download angular.js and add it to your Site Assets Library.

For SharePoint 2010:

Create a web-part page to use to test the control. (Site Actions–>More Options–>Page–>Web Part Page )

Add the following scripts to the ContentPlaceholderAdditionalPageHead:

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’/SiteAssets/angular-1.2.23/angular.js’></script>

<script  src=”/SiteAssets/splookup.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

<script  src=”/SiteAssets/splookupdemo.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

You’ll need to adjust the urls based on your environment.

And replace the contents of the ContentPlaceholderMain with this:

<div data-ng-app=”app1″ data-ng-controller=”spLookupDemoCtrl”>

<select size=”5″  ng-options=”Task as Task.Title for Task in tasks”  data-ng-model=”selectedTask”>  </select>

<div ng-show=”selectedTask”>




<td>Predecessors (multi-select) with controlMode display:</td>


<div data-sp-lookup controlMode=”display” ng-model=”selectedTask.Predecessors.results” multiplelookupListUrl=”../../_vti_bin/listdata.svc/Tasks”

lookupField=”Title” modelField=”Id” loadAll=”true”/>





<td>Predecessors (multi-select) with controlMode edit:</td>


<div data-sp-lookup controlMode=”edit” ng-model=”selectedTask.Predecessors.results” multiplelookupListUrl=”../../_vti_bin/listdata.svc/Tasks”

lookupField=”Title” modelField=”Id” loadAll=”true”/>




<td>Assigned To (single-select) with controlMode display:</td>


<div data-sp-lookup controlMode=”display” ng-model=”selectedTask.AssignedToId”lookupListUrl=”../../_vti_bin/listdata.svc/UserInformationList”

lookupField=”Name” modelField=”Id” loadAll=”true”/>




<td>Assigned To (single-select) with controlMode edit:</td>


<div data-sp-lookup controlMode=”edit” ng-model=”selectedTask.AssignedToId” lookupListUrl=”../../_vti_bin/listdata.svc/UserInformationList”

lookupField=”Name” modelField=”Id” loadAll=”true”/>




<a href=”” ng-click=”saveTask()”>save</a>



This html can be copied from the spLookupDemo.html file in the download directory above.

For  Office 365:

Click the Site Actions Gear in the upper right and select Add a Page. Edit the Page, the click the Insert tab, and select ‘Embed Code’

Add the following:

<script src=’../SiteAssets/angular.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
<script src=’../SiteAssets/splookup.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
<script src=’../SiteAssets/splookupDemo.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>

Then,  add a Content Editor webpart and point it to ‘SiteAssets/splookupDemo.html’

If all works well, the results will be a sample page demonstrating the use of this directive with both Single and Multi-select columns in both Edit and display mode:


Some features I need to add to this are pulling templates from the templateCache and allowing them to be overridden,  a lot of error checking, and the ability to handle lookups with fill-in choices.

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5 Responses to An AngularJS directive for SharePoint Lookup Columns

  1. Shashidhar says:

    Hello, I tried to use this on SharePoint 2013, but this doesn’t seems to be working.

  2. Shashidhar says:

    Hi, Thank you for your response. I am trying to use this solution on below similar scenario.
    Lists and Lookups:
    List – Countries
    List – States (country is a lookup field)
    List – Cities (state and country are lookup fields)
    List – Employee (City, State and Country are lookup fields)
    Let’s assume my Employees list has information that I have display using AngularJS app. I am unable to retrieve values of these lookups with the help of SPLookup.js. I can post the code or email you, if you want me to.

  3. russgove says:

    Hi Shashidhar,
    Is your environmenta O365 or on prem? If you post your code that would be helpful.

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