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Calling On-Prem services from SPFX Components using the Azure Service Bus Relay.

I was working on a project to expose information from an on-Premise SharePoint Server to PowerApps using the Azure Service Bus Relay. While that effort was unsuccessful, it turns out that the methodology can be used to easily expose  on-premise … Continue reading

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Updating props in a react-based SPFX webpart after initial Render

The react-based spfx webparts that are generated by the yeoman templates do not allow us to update the properties of the react component after it is initially rendered. It can sometimes be useful to do so. To be able to … Continue reading

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Creating and Outlook Add-in using an SPFX Webpart

This post demonstrates how you can create an outlook add-in using an SPFX webpart. The first step is to create a page that will host your webpart and be displayed in outlook.  On your site create a new page (I … Continue reading

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Cancel Running workflows prior to saving an item.

This is a problem for workflows that delay until a certain date before sending out reminders. The user creates an item with 1/27/2018 as the due date and the workflow starts waiting until 1/27/2018 to send out a reminder. If … Continue reading

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Code Editor Property Pane Control for SPFX WebParts

I submitted a PR to the spfx-property-controls repository today for a new SPFX property pane control – the PropertyFieldCodeEditor control. The new control uses the Ace editor under the hood (see The Ace editor supports editing many types of … Continue reading

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Using Async/Await with JSOM

Async/Await can make JSOM coding much easier and is simple to set up. All you need to do is wrap your executeQuery calls in a Promise, then you can await them! Here’s a full example of a method that hides … Continue reading

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Displaying Rotated Column Headers on an Office UI Fabric Details List within an SPFX Webpart

Sometimes you need to display a grid where the data displayed within the grid’s columns is much narrower than the column headers. For instance you may need to show a user’s Continue reading

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