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Debugging SPFX Gulp build tasks in VS Code

In VS Code click View==>Debug from the main menu The Debug box will appear: Click the dropdown in the Debug Box and select Add Configuration. From the list of configurations select {} Node.js: Launch Program:   Create a configuration with … Continue reading

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Rendering JSON from an XSLTListViewWebPart

I recently built a site on SharePoint 2010 that used lots of JavaScript for custom form validations.  The JavaScript made ajax calls back to listdata.svc to get the data to perform the validations. Things worked fine locally, but when a … Continue reading

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Automatically retry jquery ajax calls to listdata.svc after HTTP 500 Errors

I had an issue with a SharePoint page that was making  jQuery ajax calls to get the valid values of a Choice Column on a list. It worked fine  usually but once in a while the ajax calls would return … Continue reading

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Getting started with Durandal on SharePoint

I recently saw a presentation on using Durandal to build Single Page Applications within a SharePoint-hosted app. You can download the Sildes from the presentation on Andrew Connels blog here). It looked promising, so I wanted to give it a … Continue reading

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Timezone Issues when working with dates in SharePoint’s REST services

I was working on a SharePoint vacation planner  that would show employees down the left side of the page and Dates accross the top. The Sharepoint calendar does not provide such a format (as far as I know) so I … Continue reading

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Adding a New Item to a Lookup List using JavaScript and SPServices

Update 1/15/2013:  Be sure to read the update at the end of this post. This post shows how to add a link to an edit form that users can click to add a new item to a lookup list. When … Continue reading

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Updating SharePoint list data from a knockout ViewModel

In previous posts I showed the basics of using SharePoint with knockout and how to use lookup columns with a knockout computed observable. This post will explain how to update SharePoint list data using the data stored in your view model … Continue reading

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