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An AngularJS directive for SharePoint Lookup Columns

Recently I’ve been researching how I can use AngularJS in my SharePoint 2010 environment. Specifically I’ve been working on using the Angular UI-Grid to edit SharePoint lists. I was able to edit most of the columns of  a standard Task … Continue reading

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AngularJS displaying ng-grid group information inside the grid as in a treeGrid

I had a need to group information in an ng-grid by more than one column (cname, maturity, Buy/Sell and Price), and to display summary data for each group within the grid(not in the ‘label’ format that ng-grid normally uses for … Continue reading

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Making Angular ng-grid expand only one group

I had an ng-grid set up with a single ‘group’ column set in the gridOptions. I needed to make it so that only a single group is expanded at any time (i.e. when a user clicked to expand a group,the … Continue reading

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