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Displaying Rotated Column Headers on an Office UI Fabric Details List within an SPFX Webpart

Sometimes you need to display a grid where the data displayed within the grid’s columns is much narrower than the column headers. For instance you may need to show a user’s Continue reading

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An AngularJS directive for SharePoint Lookup Columns

Recently I’ve been researching how I can use AngularJS in my SharePoint 2010 environment. Specifically I’ve been working on using the Angular UI-Grid to edit SharePoint lists. I was able to edit most of the columns of  a standard Task … Continue reading

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Automatically retry jquery ajax calls to listdata.svc after HTTP 500 Errors

I had an issue with a SharePoint page that was making  jQuery ajax calls to get the valid values of a Choice Column on a list. It worked fine  usually but once in a while the ajax calls would return … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting issues with deactivating SharePoint(2010 SP1) Publising feature

I recently had an issue deactivating the Publishing Feature on a site. This document explains how I recreated the issue and eventually resolved it. I created a new Blank Site called TP I added a new document library called Images … Continue reading

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